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An applicator to apply aggressive chemicals such as bleach - a sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) solution (commonly used for black spot on concrete) or heavy duty degreaser with a pressure washer. This fits on the end of your spraygun or lance and comes with a 5m chemical suction pipe with filter on the end. If you require different fittings/ lance attachments please contact us 01643841858 and our team we happily help you in providing you with right product/ information.

Please note: Never put these aggressive types of chemicals through your pressure washer pump or boiler, as it will significantly reduce the life or damage major components. Please take health & safety seriously and wear protective gear recommended by the chemical manufacturer.

JF XJET Chemical Injector HYPO JET adjustable)

SKU: B19.2087SSQBL
£185.00 Regular Price
£114.95Sale Price
VAT Included
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